Documentaries and short films

This page collects short films and trailers for documentaries about trans pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood. None of the films listed here were undertaken as part of the Trans Pregnancy project. We are sharing them in the spirit of open access to knowledge and information.

Short Films

Raising My Baby Gender Neutral (UK: My Genderation, 2018)


Trans Couple Pause Transition To Become Parents (USA: Barcroft TV, 2017)


Pregnant Dad: Giving Birth As A Transgender Man (UK: BBC Three, 2017)


The Pregnant Man’s Life Today (USA: Oprah Winfrey Network, 2012)



Seahorse (UK: Jeanie Finlay, 2019)


SununĂș: The Revolution of Love (Ecuador: Olivia Crellin, 2017)


A Deal With The Universe (UK: Jason Barker, 2017)


A Womb of Their Own (USA: Serious Play Films, 2017)


The Pregnant Man (UK/USA: Channel 4, 2008)


Transparent (USA: Jules Rosskam, 2005)