Community resources

The following pages may be of interest to trans and non-binary parents of all genders, plus practitioners working with these groups.

Trans Fertility Co
Advice, videos, and articles by and for trans parents, families and professionals.

Biff and I
Videos in which Biff and Trystan share their experiences of parenthood and family adventures.

Masculine Birth Ritual
Podcast about the things masculine-of-center queer and trans people do to make, birth, and nuture human life.

Milk Junkies
The website of writer and trans father Trevor MacDonald. Lots of reflections especially on breastfeeding and chestfeeding for trans men, women, and non-binary people.

Videos in which Nathan shares his experiences with transition, as a midwife, and as a parent.

Gender Inclusive Perintatal Care
Inclusive care and language guides by BSUH Gender Inclusion Midwives, Brighton, UK.

LGBTQIA2S Pregnancy and Birth Resources
Resource list curated by the Midwives Association of British Columbia, Canada.

Resources for non-binary and trans people and their health care providers
Resource list curated by Serious Play Films, creators of US documentary A Womb of Their Own.