Our academic publications

The research team for the Trans Pregnancy project are currently preparing a number of peer-reviewed academic publications. These will be based on research findings from media analyses, interviews with trans and non-binary birth parents, plus interviews and focus groups with healthcare practitioners and young trans and non-binary people. This page will be updated with details and links to these works as they are published.

Currently available work:

Pearce, R. and White, FR. (2019) Beyond the pregnant man: representing trans pregnancy in A Deal With The Universe. Feminist Media Studies, 19(5), 764-767.

[read in Feminist Media Studies]
[free open access version]


Riggs, D. W., Pearce, R., Pfeffer, C. A., Hines, S., White, F., & Ruspini, E. (2019) Transnormativity in the psy disciplines: Constructing pathology in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and Standards of Care. American Psychologist, 74(8), 912–924.

[Read in American Psychologist]
[free open access version]