These pages link to resources on topics relating to topics pregnancy and childbirth among trans and non-binary people. Over time they will be updated with additional information and materials.

Resources produced by the Trans Pregnancy project research team:

Policy reviews
Read our researchers’ assessments of legal and policy frameworks for trans and non-binary reproduction in Australia, Italy, the UK and the US.

Academic publications
Read the peer-reviewed academic publications that have been produced through the project.

See and hear the work our researchers have presented at conferences and meetings.

Read media articles that our researchers have contributed to or written.

See the programme and presentation slides from our conference in January 2020.

Resources produced by external creators and researchers. Please note, these are shared for informative purposes only and links do not necessarily constitute endorsement.

Community resources
Links to community websites and creative projects.

Documentaries and short films
Links to feature-length and short documentary films and trailers.

Other research
Links to peer-reviewed work from other research teams on topics of trans pregnancy, childbirth and chestfeeding.