Pregnancy loss: trans and non-binary experiences

The topic of pregnancy loss is often one shrouded in silence, but for trans and non-binary people, this is often especially the case.

We are therefore currently looking at stories of pregnancy loss from our interviews with trans birth parents in Australia, Germany, the UK and US. Trans Pregnancy research team member Damien Riggs of Flinders University has led on writing an article for Psychology Today and presented some initial findings at La Trobe University earlier this month.

Many trans and non-binary people speak about pregnancy loss in similar ways to other people who have experienced this. However, we have identified some important differences, with regards to factors such as concerns around discrimination or ignorance, and the broader context of being trans or non-binary and wanting to bear a child.

To read the article and slides from the conference presentation, please click the links below.

Pregnancy Loss and Gender
Click here to read in Psychology Today


Transmasculine people’s experiences of pregnancy loss
Click here to read the conference slides


In the longer term, we will also be publishing an in-depth, peer-reviewed academic article on this topic.