Read and listen: trans pregnancy in media, health and law

Over the last year we have been conducting the largest international study of conception, pregnancy and childbirth among trans men and non-binary people. We have now undertaken almost fifty interviews with trans people about their experiences in Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, the UK and US, plus focus groups with young people and healthcare professionals.

In this post, we share a podcast and article that discuss some of our early work.

Podcast: Making Space for Trans Pregnancy

In November 2018, Trans Pregnancy Project researchers Francis Ray White and Ruth Pearce presented initial findings at the Gendered Intelligence Transforming Spaces conference in London, UK.

This presentation was recorded, and is now available as part of theĀ Transforming Spaces podcast series.

Topics under discussion include:

  • cultural amnesia around trans pregnancy
  • contradictions in UK law and policy
  • the importance of trans “possibility models”
  • the myth of testosterone and infertility
  • gendering in pregnancy
  • trans birth parents in international guidelines

Article: Beyond the pregnant man: trans pregnancy in A Deal With The Universe

Our first published academic article is now available in the journal Feminist Media Studies. This is a short commentary on the representation of trans pregnancy in the media, centring on a review of Jason Barker’s autobiographical film A Deal With The Universe.

Click here to read the article in Feminist Media Studies.

If you do not have access to this journal through an institutional login (e.g. through a library) or personal subscription, you can also click here for a free “open access” version of the article.

Looking forward

There is a lot more to come! Over the next few months, we will be undertaking our final interviews and focus groups, conducting an in-depth analysis of these, and publishing a law and policy report focusing on the European Union.

Early next year we will discuss our research findings in a report and free conference. We are also planning to write many more academic articles, which will likely be published gradually over the next few years. Links to all of this will be posted to our Resources pages.

We are hugely grateful for everyone who has shared their story with us so far – thanks to your contributions, we have an enormous amount of material to work with. We very much look forward to sharing more of our work with you.