Hear about our research in London this autumn!

Team members from the Trans Pregnancy project will be talking about initial research findings at two forthcoming public events in London, UK. Both will take place at Resource for London on Holloway Road, just a short tube ride from King’s Cross station.

Trans Health Matters (23 October)

Co-hosted by holistic trans sexual health centres cliniQ (London) and Clinic T (Brighton), this event offers an insight into cutting edge practice and research, particularly with regards to sexual and mental health.

Francis Ray White and Ruth Pearce will be speaking at a workshop entitled Trans Family Planning: Contraception, Fertility, Pregnancy and Childbirth, alongside Kate Nambiar (Clinic T) Michael Toze .

Trans people wishing to control their fertility often find there is either a lack of information available, or that they have been misinformed about the reproductive capacity of their own bodies. Similarly, trans people wishing to form families continue to face a range of social, legal and medical barriers to parenthood. This workshop will comprise three short interventions from trans health experts and a facilitated discussion, reflecting on current challenges and opportunities for trans reproductive autonomy, along with an opportunity for attendees to reflect on how this might relate to their own work.

Transforming Spaces (9-10 November)

Hosted by our project partners Gendered Intelligence, this conference will focus on improving trans people’s access to public and cultural spaces, and the creation and impact of trans and LGBTQI+ community spaces.

Across varied sessions, participants will look at the barriers faced by trans and gender diverse people in different spaces and what can be done to reduce them. Each session will be dedicated to one type of space, from the workplace to the maternity ward, school, museums and galleries, prisons, Parliament, the therapy room, the sports field and even toilets.

Sally Hines, Ruth Pearce and Francis Ray White will be joining filmmaker and artist Jason Barker for the session Making space for trans pregnancy. Drawing on initial data from the Trans Pregnancy project, including policy analysis and interviews with trans and non-binary individuals who have become pregnant and given birth, we will will highlight the problematic lack of ‘space’ for trans pregnancy in culture, law and healthcare settings, and explore what can be done to change the situation.