Policy reviews now available

We are pleased to announce that the first four reviews of law and policy produced by members of the Trans Pregnancy research time are now available. These documents examine and analyse the context for trans reproduction in four countries: Australia, Italy, the UK and the US. Topics include: legal recognition, partnership rights, fertility preservation, assisted reproduction, coerced sterilisation, and guidance for professionals supporting trans parents through pregnancy and childbirth.

Trans Pregnancy policy review – Australia

Trans Pregnancy policy review – Italy

Trans Pregnancy policy review – UK

Trans Pregnancy policy review – USA

We are hoping that further reviews examining the respective law and policy contexts of the wider European Union and also of Canada will follow soon.

Please do keep up to date with our new resources page in the coming months. In addition to adding further links and information, we will also be updating the US report periodically to reflect the rapidly-changing legal landscape, particular with regards to Presidential Donald Trump’s proposed changes to the funding of trans healthcare through the Affordable Care Act.