Trans pregnancy in The Guardian

The Trans Pregnancy project features in a wonderful article on Jason Barker’s film A Deal With The Universe in today’s Guardian.

The story of one man’s pregnancy: ‘It felt joyous, amazing and brilliant’

The piece quotes project leader Sally Hines, who notes that pregnancy and childbirth are increasingly common experiences among trans men and non-binary people in the UK and beyond.

Professor Hines notes that in the UK, “if you look at how many people are accessing blogs and online forums and support groups, asking about healthcare because they are pregnant, or young guys thinking about the future … There is lots of anecdotal evidence that more people are doing it. When something becomes visible, more people think it’s possible.”

To learn more about trans people’s experiences of pregnancy, please do check back regularly to this site: in the coming months and years we will be updating it regularly with news, reports and resources that will be of interest to parents, practitioners and researchers.

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